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911's new single "Wonderland" will be released on 11 October! Now you can have a chance to listen to the gorgeous single in real audio! ^_^ Also to read the information about their new album!



911's latest single "A little bit more" has been to UK No.1!!! Congratulations to them!!!
Spike said "I went numb when I heard the news. It's a fantastic feeling and we all want to thank our fans who have supported us since the beginning." Lee added "It's absolutely amazing to be No 1, my phone hasn't
stopped ringing since we got the news. It's so nice to feel the support from our friends & fans." Jimmy wanted to thank you all too, "I'm still in shock now, I'm so overwhelmed. We will be partying all week to celebrate. Thanks to everyone for sticking by us."

911 new single "A little bit more" is coming out in this New Year in UK. This also incuded Baby come back to me.

Also you can have a look on the fab video!!! (remember to get your quicktime plugin)

Hey! Get the new video tape "The journey so far" of 911! It contains a lot of behind the scene shots!

Lee is dating with Emma (Baby Spice)???

I received lots of email about Lee's dating with Emma. And I would like to post up those 'evidence' that I have from several magazines.

From Smash Hits
Lee 911's been getting heavy with Emma Spice. The pair spent New Year's Eve together in Dublin, and few days later Lee was spied leaving Em's London home in the morning! Official line: just good friends. (Hmm...)

From BIG!
Big: We've heard some rumours you're snogging Baby Spice. True?
Lee: "Well I was invited over to Dublin to spend New Year with her and the girls, and I had a superb time. Geri had hired a massive castle and all the band were there, Victoria was there with David Beckham, and me and Emma just got on really well. But it's early days, I hardly know her. I spent some time with her and went out for dinner with her family and I'm going to go out to a few parties with her brother PJ, and he's pretty cool. Emma and I have met a few times and always got on like a house on fire, but there's nothing major there...yet!"

Big: So did you snog her?
Lee: "I snogged them all mate!" 

Big: It's not a bad rumour to have though, linking you to one of the famous, attractive girls in the world?
Lee: "Ha! Ha! Ha! No, not really!"

Big: Would you like things to develop between you two?
Lee: "If there weren't the hectic schedules, then I'd like to get to know her better as friends. I think all good relationships develop that way. But they're going to be busy this year, as are we with the album and the toour, so I'm sure she doesn't want to see anyone at the moment, but I really like her. She's a little sweetheart."

Big: Why do you think it is that you get on?
Lee: "I think cos we're in the same business, we can relate to each other, and understand what the other's going through. It might sound silly but you do get lonely which not many people appreciate when they see all the fans. I suppose people are gonna say that it's the two cuties getting together!"

Big: It must be tough for any relationship to work because you're in the studio and on the road so much?
Lee: "Yeah, I think you've just got to hold back with relationships in this business, but we'll have to wait and see what happens."

Lee's got a secret crush on...

Lee revealed to TV HITS that he's got a secret crush---on actress Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street! "As soon as we get back to the UK, I'm going to ask her out," he says.

911 Tour 98 News!

911 tour dates in full are...
March 20---Cardiff International Arena
March 21---Bournemouth BIC
March 22---Brighton Centre
March 24---Newcastle Arena
March 25---Glasgow SECC
March 26---Manchester Nymex Arena
March 28---Birmingham NEC
March 29---Wembley Arena

Call 0161 828 1200 to get your mitts on a ticket!

The Journey Tour, live in Glasgow concert review

The set list in full:
A Night To Remeber
Can't Stop
Take Good Care
One More Try/Our Last Goodbye
The Swing
Let's Go Crazy
I Believe I Can Fly (sung by Jimmy)
Love Sensation
Don't Make Me Wait
The Day We Find Love
The Walls Come Tumblin'
Rhythm Of The Night
Party People
The Journey

The Scene:
The stage is black and shadowed. Spooky grumbles and haunted echoes escape from below the stage. Figures puppet-dance in the distance. Are those screams? Spike and Jimmy are chained in stocks, eyes wild with staged fear! Lee is...just coming into view, cocooned in a waltzer chair of torture, bound and gagged. The live band sequeal their first notes---it's A Night To Remember. Too right---cos you can't get more dramatic than this!

Easing Into Things?
Easing into things? Are they 'eck as like! The dungeon staging is impressive, with starred and streamed light spilling into the arena. 911 start as they mean to go on---swapping vocals, doing backflips. Even Lee has his gymnastic pants on and is dancing like a trouper! A couple of songs later Lee speaks up. "Let's have a good old Glasgow party!" he says. It's the first night of the lads' first UK tour. It's an emotional moment, aww!

Pervy Dance Moves Ahoy!
We're onyo Bodyshakin' so vibrations aplenty shake the stage, oo-er! The lads' weeks of rehearsals with ex-Take That choreography Kim Gavin have paid off big time---everything is professional to a tee, Lee's a natural. He loves the spotlight and it loves him. As the pyrotechnics frazzle the inner ear hairs of the front two rows, One More Try brings a tear to the eye and a limp to the throat!

Seconds Out, Round Two!
The most memorable moment is here! The gloves are on, the shorts are shinny (in a Ginger Spice Union Jack sort of way) and 911 box their way into the heavyweight pop league with The Swing. Punchbags are lowered from the ceiling and a fine performance of ducking and diving accompanies the great lung-control vocals. A champion performance.

I Believe I Can Fly!
A cream-suited Blues Brothers gospel moment precedes Let's Go Crazy, originally done by that Squiggle-Prince bloke. Then we're in for an unexpected treat! As Lee and Spike play up to their boy-bands-can't-play-music critics (pah! and double pah!), Jimmy takes over and proves he's pretty good on the oldest instrument of the lot---the human voice---with an ace cover of the R Kelly classic I Believe I Can Fly. After hearing that we just about believe he can too! Well, alright then, we admit it, we don't know about flying, Jim, but the singing bit is pretty convincing.

Limbo Rock!
Songs are speeding past fast. A funky Love Sensation gives way to a swoonsome rendition of The Day We Find Love. Soon we're onto Rhythm Of The Night, yep, the Gloria Estefan number! And as teh audience contemplate ay-ya-rhumba-ing around the aisles Spike and Jimmy limbo rock better than a, erm, double jointed limbo person. Then an audience member comes up on stage---it's Lee's little sis and she's very embarrassed, especially when everyone sings Happy Birthday then tries to make her limbo! Oah, if looks could kill...

The funky new single gives us the opportunity to squeeze in the final dance of the evening (we can't work out who's sweating more, the band or the audience!) before the lights fix on the lads for the final song. It's The Journey, of course. Everyone in the hall is part of this---the crowd becomes a choir. It really is special moment. Then it's all over.

Smash Hits Poll Winners Party

Hey! The results are out and our gorgeous 911 are ranked 5th in the Best Album---The Journey, ranked 10th in the Best Video---Bodyshakin', ranked 7th in Best Haircut---Lee Brennan, ranked 2nd in Best British Group!!! Also ranked 9th in Best Single---Bodyshakin', ranked 5th in the Most Fanciable Male---Lee Brennan, ranked 3rd in Best Dance/Soul Act!!!


BIG! Star Boys '97

Hey! Our cutie Lee Brennan is named in one of "The boys who've made our hearts skip a beat in the last 12 months" by BIG! Lee is pleased and he said he's dead chuffed. "It's been an amazing year for both myself and 911. Next year promises to be even better cos we start our arena tour in March. It's dream come true for us all. I can't wait to get started. Thanks agian BIG!" 

The 1997 TV HITS Awards

Hehehe! Once again, 911 ranked 2nd in Best Album---The Journey. Also ranked 3rd in Best Concert---The Journey Tour. Wow! Congratulations to the boyz!


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