Name: Lee Anthony Brennan (we call him Lee)
Date of Birth: 27 September 1975
Place of Birth: Carlisle
Height: 1.6m (5-foot-4 inches) "I'm actually six foot-I fold in the middle!"
Weight: 55kg (8 stone 9 lbs)
Eyes colour: blue
Hair colour: brown
Siblings: 2 brothers and 2 sisters
Hobbies: Collecting hotel room keys
Favourite footie team: Carlisle United
Strangest job: Laser Quest attendant
Favourite food: Pot noodle
Favourite drink: Tea
Favourite colour: Blue...the colour Carlisle United happen to play in!
Idols: Marti Pellow (Wet Wet Wet), George Michael, Take That
Favourite TV programs: Spiderman, Top of the Pops, Power Rangers
Type of girl he likes: someone around his height or slightly smaller who has to have a nice personality


Name: James Michael Constable (we call him Jimmy)
Date of Birth: 21 September 1973
Place of Birth: Liverpool
Height: 1.63m (5-foot-5 inches)
Weight: 64kg (10 stone)
Eyes colour: brown
Hair colour: brownish/blonde (it was originally dark brown)
Siblings: \
Hobbies: Sport
Favourite footie team: Liverpool
Favourite food: Chinese
Favourite drink: Orange juice
Strangest job: Lifeguard
Type of girl he likes: someone who's natural looking, has a bubbly personality, always ready to laugh and doesn't act like someone else (someone like Louise?)
Idols: Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Luther Vandross



Name: Simon James Dawbarn (we call him Spike)
Date of Birth: 15 August 1974
Place of Birth: Warrington
Height: 1.63m (5-foot-5 inches)
Weight: 57kg (9 stone)
Eyes colour: blue
Hair colour: dark brown
Siblings: 2 brothers
Hobbies: Football
Favourite food: Anything with chips!
Favourite drink: Milkshake
Strangest job: Builder
Favourite footie team: Manchester United
type of girl he likes: any girl he loves and she loves him back as long as she's natural looking
Idol: Janet Jackson
Favourite TV program: Bottom (comedy telly)
Favourite food: chips, eggs, beans



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