911 in Hong Kong

20 May 2:45pm

911 arrived in Hong Kong! I went to the airport to see them. They are all nice guys and I kissed Lee ^_^ Then they went to Grand Stanford Harbour View Hotel to have a rest. 

20 May 6:00pm

There was a showcase in Timesquare. In the showcase, they danced and sang all the songs in their brilliant album--"The Journey". 

See the pics here!!

1) Lee ready to sing

2) Lee did a naughty face

3) Hey! Let's sing together!

4) Funny Lee after the showcase

20 May 7:00pm

Autograph Section started in Timesquare Tower Records!!! The gorgeous guys signed autograph for fans and receiving lots of gifts.

See the pics here!!!

1) Wow....big blue eyes!!!

P.S. I took a pic with Lee when they got back to the hotel. At that time, only me and my friends (4 girls) are waiting for them. Hehehehe ^_^

Have a look at Lee and me!

21 May 5:30pm

They were doing interview with RTHK Radio2. 

21 May 6:30pm

Another autograph section held in HMV Tsim Sha Tsui. Then they went back to hotel. 

21 May 11:30pm

This time they were having interview in FM Select with Miguel Choi. 

P.S. I and my friend Kora gave Lee two Power Rangers toy and he was very happy ^_^ He said he will sleep with them!

22 May 11:00am

They left the hotel and went to the airport to set off to Thailand.

22 May 11:30am

They arrived at the airport and fans are getting mad since they soon left us *_*

P.S. Lee kissed me for goodbye and he said he has a good sleep with the Power Rangers! ^_^

22 May 12:45pm

They left Hong Kong and setting off to Thailand!

More pics will be post up later! Or you can contact me to get a video tape of what I and my friends have record during 911 were in Hong Kong!



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