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Are 911 complete and utter food-flingin', multi-snoggin', granny-dancin' Party People?

1) Ever started a food fight?

Spike: Oh aye yeah! I used to be famous for it. Strawberry jelly is the best to use 'cause it leaves a really nasty red stain behind.

Jimmy: No, Neopolitan ice cream's the best. You get a lovely three-tone colour effect.

Lee: I remember having a massive food fight at a school Christmas party when I was about eight. I think I hit one of the teachers!

2) Have you ever been thrown out of a party for being raucous?

S: I was kicked out of my friend's little sister's party when I was 14 for throwing custard pies at this clown guy. We ruined his whole act!

L: Me and my ex-girlfriend were having a massive argument in the middle of a club. This guy asked us to quieten down so I started on him and we got chucked out!

3) Do you have any party tricks?

S: 'Dabble' (snog) the party girl. I try and practice that trick as often as possible.

J: Winning at spin the bottle, (hur hur!) that's my party party trick!

L: I can recite most of the words from The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins.

4) Have you ever worn an embarrassing fancy dress outfit?

L: I dressed as apunk rocker with a studded collar, ripped jeans, chains and spiky green hair.

S: When I was four we had a street party and I dressed as a massive dice. One of my mates pished me over and I squashed it!

J: Me and Spike had to dress up as aliens on The Hitman & Her (TV Dance Show).

S: And they made Jimmy wear a dress!

5) Ever snogged more than one person at the same party?

J: Yeah. I think it was three in one night. I'd wait 'til the first one left and then go onto the next one. It was years ago, when I was younger, honest!

L: I used to go to this club in Carlisle with three different dance floors so you could keep moving on to a different snog all night.

6) Do you have a funky party dance routine?

S: Bodyshakin', of course!

L: Before I learnt how to dance properly I used to do this move called The Running Man. You turn to the side, clasp your hands together in front of you run on the spot. Terrible!

7) Do you find it easy staying up partying all night?

J: Yeah. Once I get going with me mates at home I don't stop.

S: me too. I've got good stamina--especially when get a snog!

8) Do you own a dead cert pulling outfit?

L: As long as I've got my little black shoes with heels, I feel a bit more confident.

S: Me birthday suit! (ie: butt naked--the saucy sausage!)

9) ever organised a surprise party?

J: No, If I did it I would go wrong. I'd end up telling the person and ruin the surprise.

L: No me neither. I reckon it'd be dead easy to do organize though. Just gather a few people together stick'em in a room and turn the lights out.

S: Nah, it's too much like hard work. I'd rather turn up at one that's already organised.

10) Ever had to dance embarrassingly with youe auntie at a family do?

L: That always happens. Your auntie grabs you and gets you to do all that dancing they used to do in the 60s.

S: I always end up dancing with me mum but she's dead good, so it's noy embarrassing. She once competed in the UK Dance Championships.

J: All the older relatives in our family are brilliant. They're mad party animals!