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The first time of 911


The first time of 911

---learnt about the birds and the bees

Well, I didn't get to hear about it through them nice afternoon programs...or those siily bideos they show you at school--'cause you just sit through them sniggering with your mates, don't you? Or even my mum or dad! Nope, it was my big bruv who taught me all about the birds 'n' the bees. I was six or seven and I was getting a bit curious as to where babies came from, so I asked him. He was five years older than me and knew it all and he was always kissing girls and talking about it. So he just threw this naughty mag at me and said, "Look at that!" I was made up 'cause I'd never seen anything like it! But it scared me a bit too.

---felt totally alone

It was just after my birthday and I was really ill with cancer and had to go into hospital. At first I thought it would be OK 'cause I was in a ward with 25 other kids but then I got moved into a little cubicle on my own 'cause I was getting worse and people weren't allowed to come near to me in case they gave me an infection. I felt so lonely then. People were allowed to come and visit me but they had to wear masks and long gowns--even my mum. I felt so lonely and I couldn't really talk to anyone. I remember this nurse called Jackie who worked there. I'd love to meet her again 'cause I fancied her like mad! Her and the other nurses made it all more bearable and kept me going. Oh, and Paul Daniels did too. I used to get a new trick every weekend. I was well into magic and totally mad on Paul Daniels!

---said, "I love you"

I was 15 when I first said those three words! I'd been seeing this girl for about a year and I really thought this was it. Looking back, I don't know if it actually was, but I did feel something weird! (Indigestion, p'raps?) I remember where I said it too! She was baby-sitting and I was keeping her company. We were watching TV snuggled up on sofa and suddenly, it just popped out! The words, I mean, you know, "I love you!" I didn't feel silly afterwards like I thought I would 'cause she was feeling the same way, but she wouldn't say it first. It was a really important moment but we never told anyone! We just kept it between the two of us. I couldn't tell my mates, no chance, 'cause they'd give me a kickin'. Anyway, we ended up going out for over four years. But after we left school and started leading separate lives we drifted apart. I never said it again. In fact, I've never ever said it again to anyone since.